Psilocybe Cubensis and Its Magic Mushrooms

psilocybe cubensis

Psilocybe Cubensis is an open pungently celled mushroom that grows in the shade of large trees in most tropical regions of the world. It is named after the Cubensis mushrooms that were used by the ancient Aztecs for food and medicine. Today, they grow in many places around the world, including Africa, Australia, North America, South America, and Asia. Most psilocybe species are available fresh, dried, smoked, frozen, or pickled. Psilocybe Cubensis, the more familiar name for this mushroom, has become quite well known over the last century or so and its medicinal properties have been recognized.

Most psilocybe species belong to the fungi family Trichophytaceae and contain psilocybe-like compounds known collectively as flavonoids. These compounds belong to classifications of the phytoncides which are a family of compounds having chemical structures that function by producing specific effects in living tissues. The psilocybe family includes more than one hundred different phytonutrients including the dye for red blood cells (hemoglobin) and some of its vitamins. Among all these, flavonoids rank first with respect to their effectiveness in maintaining health. They are present in high concentrations in several herbal remedies used for a variety of medical and health problems including allergies, asthma, cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.

The psilocybe cubensis species can be found in many locations around the world today; however, they tend to grow in high numbers in the tropics, particularly in South America, Hawaii, and parts of the Amazon Rainforest. Occasionally, small patches of these fungi can also be found in other places like the caves of Kundalini, in Sri Lanka, and in the Hindu Upanishad. All the strains of psilocybe are relatively uniform in structure, color, and taste although there are some slight variations noted between individual strains.

Psilocybe mushrooms are also known as flying mushrooms due to their tendency to float on the water surface when they grow. This feature comes from the psilocybe’s growth process. As it matures, the tiny pips of the dried mushrooms split and float. Most people believe that these floating mushrooms contain some kind of medicinal value, even if this is not the case; some people who have tried eating them have claimed to experience a “clear feeling” after consuming them.

In recent years, however, this magical mushroom whose primary active compounds consist of psilocybe, has gained a reputation for having a beneficial effect on treating a wide range of diseases and syndromes. Among these is Insomnia. The main component of psilocybe, psilocin, has been found to possess very strong antispasmodic (anti-sleeping) effects. It also exhibits neuroprotective effects and has been found useful in treating different types of anxiety and depression. Psilocybe has also been found very effective in dealing with alcoholism, which is one of the most common causes of Insomnia.

Another group of substances which have been found to be related to psilocybe are some of the major psychoactive compounds in mushrooms which are known collectively as psilocybe. These substances include pheromone, which is used by both men and women to attract members of the opposite sex; alkaloids, which are present in large quantities in some mushrooms; and ergosterol, which is a common constituent of psilocybe which has been found to be a potent relaxant. All these compounds have been found to have a sedative effect on the human organism and are useful in combating a number of diseases. Psilocybe is also known to suppress the appetite. This explains why psilocybe Cubensis is used widely in the treatment of obesity.

However, although psilocybe Cubensis strains which are cultivated and sold in natural products pose no serious health threat, it is important to note that this substance is not safe when used as a recreational drug. There have been cases of fatal reactions occurring in certain people who were taking high doses of psilocybe or when they were taking the substance in combination with other drugs such as alcohol and other stimulants. The lethal results were caused due to the fact that the person lost control of their actions and ended up hitting their head against a wall or in some other dangerous manner. Such cases can only be explained by persons taking large doses of psilocybe who were under the influence of other substances. In such a scenario, the legal position of the vendor would differ to that of the buyer.

The most important reason why psilocybe Cubensis should be avoided is the difficulty in cultivation of the species. The most suitable conditions for growing this species are extremely cool and moist weather conditions with high humidity. This means that the psilocybe grows best when it is harvested at the height of the harvest season. Even then, the process of curing the mushrooms is very difficult and requires a lot of expertise. This is another reason why the mushrooms are sold in bulk quantities. One has to be careful about buying them from places where the seller is charging too high a price and is unable to provide quality psilocybe mushrooms.

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