How Does Industrial Design Firms Increase Their Market Share?

Industrial design is a discipline that encompasses designing systems, products, and end-to-end supporting services for businesses. Most industrial design firms bring a wide array of skill sets to the table, including product ideation, visual branding, technical product layout, human factors, engineering, and much more. The ability to overcome economic, environmental, and sociocultural challenges requires the coordination and collaboration of many different specialists within the firm. There are many benefits to approaching industrial design firms for your next project or concept, which we will explore below.

One benefit of approaching industrial design firms for product development is the speed at which they can deliver results. Many product development projects take months or years to develop, while designers are often able to see results within hours. Because of their rapid delivery rate, these designers often have very good relationships with large corporations. Large corporations may even provide the industrial designers with intellectual property protection for the technology used in their new product. This means that you could receive protection for your technology and possibly sell it to other large corporations down the line.

Another benefit of approaching industrial design firms for your next product development idea is the quality of the team of designers that they hire. Often times you may find an industrial designer that has worked with your company in the past, or you may be able to hire a couple different industrial designers from the same firm. This leads to a couple of benefits – the ability to bounce ideas off of each other, and the sharing of ideas and styles between the industrial designers. You are also able to obtain multiple product designs in a shorter period of time because they do not all have to go through the same process before being implemented.

Design firms often collaborate and partner with other companies in the industry. For example, a manufacturing company may work with a computer software firm to create 3D models of products. While the design firm is working on the concept and conceptualizing the product, the software company would create the actual 3D models of the products. The collaboration is advantageous to both companies because it allows them to benefit from a variety of experts with various skill sets and backgrounds. They can better utilize their resources and the results produced by the industrial design firms.

When creating concepts and product ideas, many industrial design firms will take some of their work and collaborate with designers from specialty firms. This way, the industrial designers get to show off their work to various industry representatives and get feedback on their designs. Sometimes these designers will even go so far as to take their own ideas and turn them into real concepts. In other cases, the concept designers and engineers will come up with blueprints and physical models that the industrial design firms can work with to implement their ideas.

Some of the other things that an industrial design firm can help with include: project management, business development, business strategy, consulting, branding, research and development, engineering and technology, manufacturing process re-designing, technical support, business analysis, project management, supply chain performance analysis, quality management, regulatory consultation, technical change implementation, and feasibility testing. These are just some of the areas that an industrial design firm might be able to help with. In addition, they can also help with things like business development, human factors, usability, information systems design, electronic software design, environmental and safety assessment, and business development for start-ups. There are even firms that offer these types of services for large and small businesses. If you have a new idea or product that you think could be successful, then you might want to consult with an industrial design firm.

The market share of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, and Pfizer is currently going down. What is interesting about this is that these firms have not done anything to capitalize on the fact that they are currently selling products that are not very well designed. Even though consumers perceive these products to be of high quality, they do not purchase them because they are so great. Instead, consumers purchase Apple’s iPod and compare it to the music player of Microsoft’s Mac OS X operating system. Since consumers feel that the iPod is more inferior, it has increased their share of the overall iPod market share.

It would be smart for these firms to pay more attention to what consumers are asking them. They need to learn how to match the design of an existing product with a product that is similar or at least has similar qualities. By doing this, they will become more successful in the design phase. If they pay attention and incorporate the information into the design of their own products, they may find that they can increase their market share by quite a bit. So, if you have an idea, be sure to get in contact with industrial design firms.

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