Gaming Notebooks and Regular Laptops

Gaming notebooks are laptops that are quite different from the usual ones. They come with such specifications that are best suitable for playing high graphics games. If you are a pro gamer on your desktop computer, you may not feel that even the most powerful gaming notebook is on par with gaming desktop computers.

However, it brings to you a major advantage of portability. If you love to play the latest edition F95zone of Unreal or Quake, with a gaming laptop you can enjoy your game while traveling in your car or at your friend’s place.

Gaming notebooks are fast gaining popularity not only in US and UK but also in other major markets like India, Korea, Japan, China and all over the world. When laptops were first introduced, it was first only meant for carrying out office works. Nobody could ever imagine playing high graphics games. Games were restricted to simple ones like Solitaire and 2D Flash games. As time passed, laptops gradually started transforming into a high performance laptops that could do much more than office works. Now laptops are specifically designed for playing high end games.

Now high end games are not restricted to desktop computers, you can now enjoy all your favorite games wherever you go. What make the gaming laptops different from the regular ones are its specifications. When you compare the specification of a regular laptop with that of a gaming laptop, you will notice that there is quite a lot of difference.

One major difference between the two is the graphics card. The graphics card is what brings to you the power of playing high-end games and even 3D games. The regular laptops also come with onboard graphics but they are not powerful enough for running games. Moreover, graphics card on gaming notebooks come with dedicated video memory of over 512 MB to even 2GB. This is one major difference between regular and gaming machine.

Even the processor of gaming notebooks can deliver staggering speeds of 3 GHz and more whereas regular laptops give decent speeds of over 2 GHz. The amount of RAM that a gaming notebook can support is much more than a normal laptop. In the former, you can add up to 12 GB on certain machines whereas the latter one can come with a maximum of 2GB or 4GB of RAM.

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