Breast Enlargement – How Big Should You Go?

Breast enlargement considerations

If you’re thinking about going as large as possible to get your money’s worth: think again. This is impractical and you will probably end up going back under the knife for a reduction. Similarly, if others are encouraging you to go large, but you are unsure, remember that you are the one who has to live with the results, no-one else. Some women may complain after a breast enlargement that they wish they had opted for a bigger size, but this shouldn’t affect your decision. You might not feel the same as them at all.

The majority of women who have a breast enlargement request an increase of two cup sizes Hips enlargement . Often they choose a mid to large C cup, with the minority opting for a D cup. Staying within your natural size range is key to maintaining a balanced physique.

Your plastic surgeon will help you calculate the best size taking into account your height, shoulder width, and waistline. But first, think about the following factors and how larger breasts will affect your life:

Frame size

Decide what frame size you are – and ask someone else for a second opinion. This will help determine if you can get away with a large bust. For instance, if you have a small or petite frame having very large breasts will get you a lot of attention and it will probably be quite obvious that you have had a breast enlargement.

The aim is to achieve a balanced overall look. If you’re going for an hourglass figure, you will want a bust size the same size as your hips, which ideally is 9 to 10 inches bigger than your waist. However, not all women are blessed with small waists.


Consider how much existing breast tissue you have and whether the implants will go over or under the chest muscle wall. If you have very little natural breast tissue, hiding the implants will be a problem and contour irregularities will show up. Going under the muscle will help, but the implants may tend to “jump” during exercise, caused by the compression of the implant by the pectoral muscle.

Similarly, if you have thin skin and go for a considerable upsize, the skin will thin out even more and sag faster than if you had gone with smaller implants.


Take a look at your lifestyle – what you do for a living and what hobbies you enjoy. Having larger breast implants can negatively affect your performance in all kinds of sports, such as tennis, scuba diving, biking, horse riding, golf, ballet, and much more. If your bosom is too large, there is no sports bra that will adequately support you.

Breast enlargements may also affect your career. If you’re a businesswoman and can’t hide your new implants under a suit, be prepared to be the talk of the office for a while. The best way is to transition slowly with padded bras or silicone enhancers, and after surgery save the low-cut tops for the weekends.

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