Alarm System Options With Ajax Systems

In recent years, Ajax Systems have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity: sales have increased exponentially, the number of employees has drastically increased, and the scope of global market has widened greatly. Such large-scale transformations often lead to a number of adverse side effects, and sometimes, the entire organization stumbles towards the precipice. This is particularly the case with Ajax Systems. But when properly adopted, Ajax can help your organization to scale new business opportunities and reap in unimaginable profits!

Ajax Systems

A lot of organizations have begun to deploy Ajax in several industries, most notably the financial services. Ajax enables easy detection and recording of all sensors and actuators present around a manufacturing plant or even an office. The most popular component of such a system is the Magnetic Contact Reel, otherwise known as MRI. It contains multiple metal contacts that react to any force applied on them. This force can come from physical or electromagnetic sources. This force can either damage the sensors, or trigger an alarm, or anything else that needs to be alerted.

However, there are certain issues that you might find challenging, especially if your manufacturing facility is located in a relatively populated area. To begin with, it can be quite difficult to find the necessary magnets and other components for the Magnetic Contact Reel. Therefore, each and every one of your sensors and actuators will be activated individually and might not work properly. In worst-case scenarios, all the sensors and actuators might trigger an alarm, but none of them could correctly indicate whether a triggering is necessary. Therefore, the entire system might simply trigger false alarms, leading to your manufacturing facility becoming a security risk!

However, these problems can easily be solved using the latest Ajax technology in your manufacturing control room. Ajax notifications allow you to use the Internet to send real time alerts and notifications to your employees. For example, if you have a problem with one of your sensors, all you have to do is send an Ajax message directly to one of the Ajax devices installed in your control room. For example, if a gate malfunctions, you will be able to immediately inform the control room operators about the issue. Once they’re aware of the issue, they can make sure the gate is repaired in order to prevent further damage to the facility.

Another problem that has arisen is a security concern. One problem that has been noted is when a person leaves their front door open, only to turn around and walk through a door or into a parking lot without shutting it behind them. If someone were to activate the motion sensor(s) in your building, then you would be alerted by a text message or a phone call, which would then alert the security staff. However, if the person did not leave the front door open, then there would be no alert and there may be no one to respond to the alarm. In these cases, the Ajax system allows you to have complete control over the motion sensors that are located in various locations throughout your property.

The technology used with Ajax based systems is actually quite advanced. Not only do you have the motion sensors that are installed throughout your facility, but you also have the ability to install a magnetic contacts database onto each of the individual magnetic pages of your building. Once you have this database, it is only a short task of installing the Ajax app on each of the individual magnetic pages. The information from the magnetic contacts is then sent to the motion detector app via SMS or voice call, which allows for the motion detection of individuals to occur.

It is important to note that you should not alter the codes on the magnetic contacts in any way in order to have Ajax systems alarm system functioning. Changing or altering the code can result in the malfunctioning of the geofencing, which is not only costly, but also very problematic. Therefore, changing the code does not change the fact that you are still protected by a motion detector system. You will still be protected by the motion sensor and the geofencing from being interfered with or broken.

One other thing that needs to be noted when speaking of Ajax-based systems is the fact that they will automatically send text or voice message alerts to the device’s owner in the case that the sensor has tripped on an “off-axis” angle. This means that while the device may be in an open area, a sensor triggered by something in the vicinity will automatically send a text or voice message alert to the device’s owner. There is really no need to try to remember when the last person that sent a text or a voice mail alert was in the vicinity of your property. Therefore, Ajax based motion detectors are built-in to provide you with the most secure alarm system possible.

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