4 Key Methods to Supercharge Your Blogging

Blogging has evolved from simple online diary to income-generating activity. Today, more and more people are blogging not just to voice out their ideas but to earn extra money. If you are one of these people and would like to earn more through blogging, then read on!

1. Be a responsive blogger. The blogosphere is a very big world, and there’s enough space for you to participate in. First, you can comment on other people’s blogs futmax.org . Oftentimes, blogging platforms allow you to link your name to your website. This way other blog owners and visitors can visit you. Blog commenting can also help them get a general idea about you.

2. Improve your blogging content. As they say, old news is not news. If you sense that you already have a genuine following, then you need to update your blog regularly, daily if possible. Treat them to fresher and newer content. Also include an RSS feed into your blog. It makes blog subscriptions a lot easier.

3. Participate in blog promotions. Don’t make your blog a stand-alone one. Normally this is where the fun starts. If a blog with PR 6 is promoting a free backlink, then go for it! It’s definitely a great way to boost your search engine rankings as it add improve your blog exposure.

4. Extend friendliness. Be courteous to your visitors. If they leave a feedback or message, make sure to respond as soon as possible to let them know you value their time and effort. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to befriend other blog owners; it’s the easiest way to get reciprocal links.

Using your website to its maximum potential is essential today. There is no reason to have a pretty website and pay for it to be hosted monthly if you’re just using it as a business card. Your website can pull leads to your business if you use it the right way. By having blogs and xml feeds from other blogs on your website, people will find your website and your company online. Furthermore, these are prospective customers who are already interested in your line of business because they searched for it in the first place.

Your blog can be the first point of contact with a potential customer-your blog starts building a relationship even before you know the prospect is there. And when your blog gives visitors information that adds value to their lives, they’ll want to come back.

First impressions are crucial in the process of turning leads into clients; an online visitor’s first impression is determined in large part by the quality and content of your blog. Use blogs on your website the right way, and you will have a rainmaking website.

Be a Keyword King. Using the right keywords in your blog postings will direct people searching for experts or products in your area of business to your website. Also, adding an external blog that is rich with your business’ keywords to your website through an rss feed will make it easier for your website to get more traffic which means more prospects.
Post, Post, Post. Post to your blog at least once a week. That is the only way to guarantee that your website and blog will hit higher on search engines. Post as if you’re watering a plant, if you don’t do it consistently, it will die. That’s how search engines see your site, if you don’t refresh it with new content, they will see it as dead. You don’t even have to post blogs that you write, you can post other peoples’ blogs through rss feeds, or copy and paste from news articles as long as you give proper credit to avoid copywright infringement.

Imagine this: If you post 1 blog posting a week, that will amount to 52 new pages of content per year that the search engines will see as opposed to your competitor who doesn’t blog and has the same 8 to 10 pages month in/month out. If you were to blog twice a week, that would be 104 new pages of content…. And so on. You can see how in a content-hungry search engine world how this gives you a great advantage.

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